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Stories about people and situations we helped.

Book readings at township schools in Cape Town

With a deeply rooted love for Cape Town, ‘’The Leaf’s’’ writer and creator Misha de Bok, had the pleasure of visiting 2 township schools in Cape Town to do book readings back in November 2019.

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Essential survival gear for Because We Carry

A 12-day campaign to collect essential survival gear for Because We Carry

For the people of Because We Carry who do the most amazing job helping refugees at Lesvos (Greece), we have collected essential items with a 12-day campaign...

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Furniture for Eziko Restaurant

After a more than succesful show for Brand Loyalty, they decided to - instead of burning it – recycle as much of the booth items as possible...

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Sleeping bag campagin

To help the Sheltersuit Foundation

Our first encounter with Sheltersuit! During the coldest time of the year we heard of the thousands of war victims stuck in different parts...

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Sarah and her friends

Have so much fun with their new (used) toys.

100 Children’s books were donated to Kim Feenstra’s Christmas Campagne in order to help out 100 families who can really use the support around...

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Johan's new home

Restored his complete home.

We donated 740 (!) books to Stichting Mohuka for their annual 'Sinterklaas' get together specifically organized for all children in...

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